Why Accessories Matter

Accessories show the world you put a little more thought into your style than just pulling on that suit from the closet. The most common accessories are pocket squares, tie bars and watches. Sorry, but large gold rings, chains or gold nugget anything should be left at home in your valet.

Tie Bars

Some of you might be in possession of a hand me down tie clasp from your father; wear it proud. Gone are the days where tie bars were relegated to holding the tie to a police officers uniform. Today’s style are much shorter in length, and yes there are rules. But as always, we encourage rule breakers. It’s your style, own it.


Pocket Squares

I am a devotee of the pocket square. Quite simply, it makes an outfit. Paired with a suit or a blazer, it shows you pay attention to detail. Hey, if Don Draper lost the pocket square he’d just be a another boozed up ad man chasing interns around the creative department.



With the advent of cell phones becoming permanently attached to our hands, sales of wrist watches have dropped over the last few years. In turn, they’ve become more accessory than necessity. I like to pair a chunky or sleek watch with a prominent color I’m wearing.



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