For The Record: Local Media Fashion Mojo

Anchorage has its share of fashion stand outs when it comes to the local broadcast and print media. Many of these professionals, who you never see but whose work you enjoy every week, bring their own unique style to the mainstream.


Robert Forgit – KTUU Weather Reporter: Hands down, no mas, throw in the towel, this is the media’s fashion equivalent of Armani. Not only are his suits cut so sharp and clean you’d cut your hand by touching the crease, but the dude holds a Screen Actors Guild Card. No wonder he looks like he just walked out of central casting. Here’s a Forgit Factoid; even if he’s predicting two feet of snow, his on air style makes the weather seem almost insignificant.


Zachariah Hughes – APRN News Journalist: The guy has mad hipster game, as if Banana Republic and Bonobos had a son. You can tell his ability to put the fine point on his style by his impeccable sport jacket, knit tie, pocket square pairing. It’s a damn shame this guy isn’t on the tele more, because he’s bring a style vibe that’s missing.


Nat Herz – Alaska Dispatch News Journalist: Who can forget the iconic picture of Nat, sprawled out overs chairs from exhaustion due to covering a legislative session that wouldn’t end, wearing his Brooks Brothers navy blazer. He blends east coast preppy with Alaska outdoor lifestyle.


Sam Moore – Talk Radio Host: This guy has single handily made bow ties cool again in Anchorage. His rare ability to pair a pastel bow tie with a patterned shirt is so keen, it will make you realize that like fedoras, pulling off a bow tie is completely and unabashedly the holy grail of style. Sam’s east coast style from the mid-west thumbs the nose at the fashion and political establishment.


Loren Holmes – Alaska Dispatch News Photographer: When I’m not stealing Loren’s photos for unauthorized use, I’m admiring his clean fashion style. Always dressed impeccably, he pulls off a half zip pull over better than anyone due to his ability to put together the critical layering of colors.  He keeps is clean and simple, by keeping it clean and simple.


Brendan Joel Kelley – Anchorage Press Journalist: He can pull off a skinny tie and leather jacket better than anyone I know, and if that’s not enough, I marched in the Pride Parade with BJK two years ago where he donned banana yellow shorts, and looked fabulous.