The Fashion Tool Box

Just like the one in your garage, your fashion tool box should contain all the proper instruments to keep your style game tight.

Here is a short list:

Wooden Hangars: Suits and jackets always go on wooden hangars. They absorb moisture and help your garment maintain its proper form. Also, make it a habit to save the suit cover bag when you buy a new suit or jacket. They come in handy for storing any hanging garment.

Tie Bar: Even if you don’t want to be a hipster, it can be used to secretly fasten your tie to your shirt so your cravat isn’t waving around like the sails on the sloop John B.

Cuff Links: Unless you’re the reincarnation of Gordon Gekko, one pair of classic cuff links is more than enough. Having a pair of cuff links is like having that one odd hex wrench in your garage. Every now and again, it’s the only thing that will work.

Belt: A good strap of leather is one of those foundation pieces whose importance cannot be overstated for obvious reasons. A nice black and brown belt should be a staple in every closet.

Iron: Everyone owns an iron, but you’d be surprised how few men actually use them. An iron is your friend. It’s always there to smooth out the crimps in your style. It’s the only thing that can protect your fashion reputation from that wrinkled Oxford shirt you just pulled out of your closet. Love it. Use it.


Things to keep by the door:

Lint Roller: Wool pills. Dogs shed. And lint happens. Keep a roller by the door and give yourself a once over before you hit the streets.

Shoe Polish Sponges: These are life savers. Keep black, brown and clear by the door, give a quick swipe and you’re good to go. Too few realize that polished shoes can make up for even the most questionable fashion choices.

Cedar Shoe Trees: Shoes are expensive, so take the extra step and protect your investments. Cedar shoe trees absorb the moisture after a hard day at the office, and they help your kicks keep their original form. If you use these, you will extend the life of your shoes considerably.

Finally…we live in Alaska, and although many of us would like to keep our Italian oxfords they way Magnanni created them to be, naked, we live in a world that demands protection from the elements. Rubber shoe covers, like shoe trees, are critical to maintaining your investment.



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