Local Style That Makes Me Smile



This week my Facebook friend who has been caught being fashionably fabulous is the one and only, Jonathon Taylor.

Not since Roger Federer has anyone look as good in a tailored suit while swinging a tennis racquet as Jonathon. And if it’s substance you’re looking for, his accomplishments are as impeccable as his fashion taste.

Jonathon was the 2016 UAA Commencement speaker, champion Seawolf debate team member, UAA student body president, Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award (3 times), and a 2015 Student Showcase top pick. Today he is applying his talents in the Office of Governor Bill Walker.

Here’s to Jonathon Taylor, and another year of having a Facebook photo feed that looks like the Spring issue of GQ.

To pay appropriate homage to Jonathon’s stellar Seawolf debate career, we break down his debate wardrobe strategy.


Burgundy V-Neck Sweater: The style of sweater evokes an image of maturity and trustworthiness for the judges. The Maroon color portrays a sense of confidence that lends weight to his arguments.

White Shirt: The color white represents purity and innocence, and when paired with the burgundy sweater it provides a visual of crispness and clarity.

Rolled Up Sleeves: Nothing says you’ve gone the extra mile to make sure your facts are right, and your debate arguments are tight more than neatly rolled and cuffed sleeves.




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