Beyond Sex Panther

One of the most difficult things for a man to shop for is cologne. First, there are just too damn many of them. Gone are the days when your fragrance choices were dominated by Polo, Calvin Klein or an occasional spritz of Paco Rabanne. Today there are more brands than you can count, including ten different styles that have grown out of the original Polo by Ralph Lauren.

While having a vast selection of men’s fragrances is wonderful, vetting those choices is awkward, time consuming and expensive. How many times have you felt uncomfortable trying to explain to the nice sales person what type of scent you prefer? Seriously, shopping for cologne reminds me of video shopping at Blockbuster. You stand for an insane amount of time, staring at a shelf full of choices, trying to get something that won’t disappoint.

Now you can rest easy.

Sephora has a great sample box of the latest men’s colognes that allows you to test drive the brands before you commit. This is an easy way to find your preferred scent without having to spend the afternoon taking hits of Burberry Brit and chasing them with a snort of coffee beans.




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