Gifts Every Man Needs


Who wouldn’t like to have this throw back classic from the 1970’s? Just like the glory days when you were in school, keep it hidden in your desk and when the man isn’t looking, hook up with your downfield receiver for six (make sure you have the volume off or it might get confiscated.)  Vermont Country Store


You’ll need some classic 70’s snacks to make your football gamer experience complete. Even is you don’t snack while playing, they’re awesome to nosh on during reruns of All in the Family.

The best selection of these old candy brands is at our own Kobuk Coffee Company  in downtown Anchorage.


Don’t get caught under dressed on Christmas morning. These flannel pajamas will feel warm and look cool as you’re lounging in your lazy boy, nursing a cup of coffee, and ignoring what it’s all costing you. Vermont Country Store


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