Andrew’s How To: The Fashion slide

Your fashion consigliere knows the story all to well. You’re working for the man, and he expects you to wait until Friday to dress down. Look, not many guys these days own five suits, so your wardrobe has to go farther. Especially in those work environments where office attire expectations dictate more than khakis and a polo. I have a full proof method on how to start dressing down on Tuesday.

The fashion slide, like the bend and snap, is all in how you execute the moves.

Allow me to show you:

Monday: is suit and tie day. It shows the man that you’ve left the weekend behind and you’re focused on getting your sales numbers up this week.


Tuesday: is sport coat and tie day. It shows the man that you’ve had a successful Monday, and you’re changing it up because you’re changing your target market. (lost the suit)


Wednesday: is sport coat but no tie day. This shows the man that even though it’s hump day, you’re still committed to at least looking like you’re engaged.(lost the tie)


Thursday: is the day you need to throw a curve. After going no tie the day before, the man is looking to come down hard on you like polyester on a leisure suit. Bring back the tie (loosened as a sign of quiet rebellion of course) , but wrap it in a comfy sweater and slacks.(lost the jacket)


Friday: You’ve arrived at casual Friday. But more importantly you’ve arrived on your own terms. Today is the day you scoff at the man and the establishment (only in theory because you don’t want to get fired) because for you, the whole week has been casual and fabulous.




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