A Stiff Fashion Wind Blowing

PEOTUS Donald Trump emerged from his private jet this past week when a brisk Indianapolis wind revealed an embarrassing fashion failure, he scotch tapes his ties together.

Now bear in mind your fashion consigliere realizes that the worlds problems do not begin with the president elect’s wardrobe malfunction. And that he was deplaning to announce that people had kept their jobs, but the fact that he makes, and promotes his own brand of ties, makes this pictue an issue of national fashion security.

This country has been blessed with a long line of well dressed modern-day presidents. JFK cut a stunning silhouette with his Harvard tailored look. Reagan’s white pocket square with his crisp white shirt was iconic. Bush Sr. with his rep ties. Bush Jr. with his love of light blue Oxfords. And Obama, oh dear Lord. When he wore that taupe suit, he ruined the color for every other man in the America because he set the bar so high. But Trump? Not so much.

It’s surprising  since he manufacturers his own line of clothing. Which brings me to the picture above. If you look closely you’ll notice the back loop is not broken, so the tie didn’t fail. It’s scotched taped because he tied it too long, and didn’t leave enough tie in the back to reach the loop.

This is where your fashion consigliere provides a learning moment.

Look, if you’re getting off your private jet you can afford to fork out $15 at the Tie Bar for a tie clip. At least try to rummage around your plane to find a paper clip, which is a tactic I have personally deployed a time or two.

Politics aside, Trumps fashion sense worries me. The red power tie hasn’t been a thing since, well forever, but it appears to be his tie of choice. The power tie was always a fashion myth that thankfully grew muted by the late 80’s. Seriously, in what Wall Street scene did you ever see Gordon wearing a red tie?  Burgundy? Yes. Red. No.

In fact, in your fashion consigliere’s opinion, men should never wear a red tie unless they’re running for political office…because then I think it’s the law. Leave the red to women’s fashion because they do it so well.

To close on the topic of presidential style, allow me to cleanse your palette with presidents whose fashions were all that when they stepped off Air Force 1.

1.) JFK: You would expect nothing less than clean lines from a guy who summers in Hyannisport.


2.) Ronald Reagan: The Gipper’s style was always tight from his broadcast and movie days to his political career. He probably struck one of the most iconic poses from the lecturn with his omnipresent white pocket square.


3.) George H. Bush: This is a guy who could rock his Brooks Brothers rep tie and look…the wind is blowing and 41 is equiped with a  TIE CLIP. Please take note PEOTUS Trump!


4.) George W. Bush: Wore a great combo of light blue shirts and ties that popped, plus, any president that’s carrying a dog down the steps of Air Force 1 has mad style.


5.) Barrack Obama: Like JFK, Obama’s slim silouhette makes him look good in anything, except for those unforgivable mom jeans he wore at a Chicago White Sox game. His suits are tailored by Martin Greenfield, a well known Brooklyn tailor who has dressed both former presidents and movie stars. According to Greenfield, Obama liked soft Italian fabric. Ohhh man don’t we all?


And finally, the taupe suit. It’s like butter.



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