Why Navy is Blacks Sexier Sister

Blue is not only the color favored most by men, but consumer surveys have shown that it is the best-selling color in women’s sweaters. This shouldn’t be a surprise because we’re talking about blue. And I’m talking about navy blue. The noblest of shades. The coolest of colors. The top of all tints.

While the color black remains the pinnacle of bold fashion statements, navy offers you the same attributes with a warmth and security that you won’t feel sporting il colore nero.

Wear a black suit and you’re probably headed to a funeral or a tedious awards dinner. Wear a navy suit and you’re probably headed to a two martini lunch. The color navy provides a tone that says, “I’m serious, but I’m serious about not being too serious.”

One of my fashion forward friends summed it up years ago when he said, “the color navy reeks of wealth.” It does. And it instills a feeling of confidence and clarity without the pretentiousness of black.

Five navy things you might want to own:

1.) Navy suit. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your suit, but treat it like you did. Wooden hangar for it to sleep on. Lint roller to keep it fresh. Regular trips to the dry cleaner to protect the fabric and keep it clean.


2.) Navy loafers: These shoes pop but yet have an air of conservatism about them, and they go great with cotton pants, khakis or jeans.


3.) Navy Peacoat: For a coat that has been around since the Dutch Navy introduce it in the 1800’s, this jacket is a modern fashion staple. A coat that not only keeps you warm, but will be the best looking outerwear piece in your closet.


4.) Navy pin dot tie: This is a classic in every sense of the word. Works with several different colors, and is versatile enough to wear with solid or striped shirts.


5.) The Navy Blazer: If you have one jacket in your closet, a navy blazer better be it. This amazing mass of navy blue wool will transform your entire look. Wearing jeans and a tee?  Boom. You’re Richard Branson who just got off a flight from London. Wearing slacks and button down? Boom. You’re one of the Brooks Brothers.



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