Review: Bombfell

Bombfell is personalized shopping service that translates your style into a once a month gift package containing everything from belts and ties, to outerwear. The process is fairly easy, and gives you several opportunities to decline anything you don’t feel fits within your sartorial sphere. I have been a member for almost four months, with mixed success.

Out of the ten items that have been shipped to me I have kept only two. So far their brands appear to be off label, many not worth the cost and others that simply didn’t fit right. As with any new fashion service, sometimes it takes times to align your tastes.


  • Easy to decline anything you don’t want before it ships
  • Introduces you to new brands
  • Good communication on shipping/ordering etc.


  • Average ship time 2+ weeks from order
  • Limited alternate selections
  • Return time period is short (10 ten days)
  • Items sometimes over priced/ill fitting

Final Thought: Don’t expect much.


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