How to Save Your Faves

Let’s face it, we all have a favorite tie or in some cases ties, that we have shifted to the back of the closet because the width doesn’t meet today’s style standards. Yesterday’s skinny tie, is today’s lobster bib.

Now you have a way to modernize your neckwear.

I tried SkinnyFatties for the first time two years ago and have gone back again. I had several ties that I didn’t want to depart with then came across the company in GQ. For a very reasonable cost they altered my favorite ties to a more modern look.

You have the option of selecting the size you’d like, for me I’ve landed firmly on 2 3/4 width. Wearing a thinner tie is like finally trying trim fit shirts; you’ll wonder why you’ve been carrying around so much extra fabric for so long.

Looking at the picture below, all of my spring ties are 2 3/4. There are four of these ties that have been altered by skinny fatties. Can you tell which ones?


Check out skinnyfatties



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